Studio visit: Joan Peeters

If you want to visit Joan Peeters in her studio in Barrydale you have to turn off from Route 62 and enter Tinley Street till a road sign indicates Hellier Street. Number 24, the home and studio address of Joan Peeters is surrounded by a garden full of plants typical for the little Karoo. The warm colours and the style of the buildings on the compound could be even found in Spain or Mexico.

And this is not a coincidence: Joan spent some years of her life in southern Spain and you can see that not only in the way she designed house and studio but even in her paintings. But after Joan received her B.A. in fine arts at Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town she first chose the Netherlands to continue her studies in fine arts at Ateliers`63 in Haarlem and finished them 1982 with a Master of Arts. The influence of traditional Dutch painting is still very present in her work especially in her portraits. After she spent then some time in southern Spain she returned to Cape Town and settled some later with her life companion in Barrydale.

Over the years her work grew up and received more and more attention. Her contribution to many exhibitions in Cape Town, Paarl, Oudtshoorn, George or in far away Ottawa speaks of that. But paintings of her are even to be found at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town. But that’s not the end of the story! In autumn 2003 she opened here own Gallery in the premises of her life companions shop and restaurant Jam Tarts, called Die Wit Huis on Route 62. Since than hundred of visitors came to see the permanent exhibition of her paintings. These paintings are also to view at Cyberday Gallery. Please klick here: In May 2005 she will launch an exhibition of her latest creations. Cyberday Cape Corner will report on and show her latest paintings in Cyberday Gallery.