Show me the way to the next liquor store!

To get a six-pack of Windhoek Lager in Barrydale like anywhere else in South Africa you can´t go to a gas station or a supermarket to buy beer or liquor from the shelf . Since few years supermarkets are allowed to sell wine. But to get beer or whisky and rye you have to find a liquor store. Mostly you find them in the town centers: big signs tell you that you can buy your six-pack at best prices. Six cans 450ml Windhoek Lager are priced 25 Rand. Inside you will find ten to twenty different labels of whisky, many imported and many imported and bottled proudly in South Africa. Same with vodka, brandy and gin. The imported ones are not cheaper then on the continent but much cheaper than in northern Europe or in UK. The other ones, bottled in South Africa you will get for half price but you will not get half quality. Quality is not worse and average alcohol per volume the same: 43%

Valley Inn Drankwinkel you find in main road Barrydale opposite the Barrydale Hotel. It´s open all days from nine till six and always busy. Prices are a bit higher than in Swellendam but you mustn´t suffer: shelfs and freezers are rarely empty.

And there is onother liquor store over the hill in the former township Smitsville, named Smitties Tavern and Liqour Store. Building and store were already a bit different but what happened in the last few days may challenge the Valley Inn Drankwinkel to rethink it´s design. You may like it or not but it brings not only some colour to the main square of Smitsville it is upgrading that dusty place with some dreams of faraway shores.

The artist who created these paintings is Quinton Faro. His small company „Quidas“ did more big wall paintings in the towns of the Overberg and is even engaged in interior decorating, signs and art . If you like to contact Quinton Faro write a mail to