7. Shanghai Biennale announces artist participations

Shanghai, 15 July 2008. The 7th Shanghai Biennale “Translocalmotion” recently
announced this year’s names of all participating artists to the public. About 61 artists
and artist groups from 21 countries and regions will take part in the event.
“Translocalmotion” examines the dynamic urban space and inhabitants against the
background of urbanization. It reflects on the issues of migration, as well as the
social, economic, and cultural implications of urbanization. Aware of both the
challenges and opportunities in the urbanization process, the exhibition explores how
urban growth will contribute to our life.
The curatorial team also stated that Yue Mingjun, Mike Kelly and Lonnie Van
Brummelen & Siebren De Haan are three selected artists (artist groups) who will hold
their keynote statement during this biennale on the second floor at Shanghai Art
“This rather unusual practice was conceived in reaction to a tendency among many
biennales to present a vast number of hardly distinguishable artistic positions,” said
Zhang Qing, the vice director at Shanghai Art Museum on behalf of the curatorial
According to him, their artworks reflect the theme of the biennale with strong visual
effect and profound meanings. For example, Yue Mingjun created a cluster of
different sized dinosaur sculptures, of course stapled with his laughing face. Mike
Kelly will shows elements from two groups of works visualizing an utopian city of the
future while Lonnie Van Brummelen & Siebren De Haan present four silent movies
featured on the scene of various boundaries.
The exhibition on the ground floor will introduce the theme of the People’s Square as
a metaphor for the complex dynamics of the mobility of people in China today.
The third floor will include works of artists who use non-Shanghai sources and
contexts as a starting point to reflect Translocalmotion and its meaning.
The mezzanine floor will host an exhibition of the history of the People’s Square since
mid 19th century including photographs, plans and other relevant documents.
Currently some finished artworks start to be transported to Shanghai while other
artists are still working in the last phase. The installation work will start from August
24. The media conference will take place on September 7, the official opening will be
on September 8. The exhibition opens to the public from September 9 to November
Curators: Zhang Qing, artistic director (Deputy Director of Shanghai Art Museum),
Julian Heynen, curator (Artistic Director of K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen,
Düsseldorf, Germany), Henk Slager, curator (Dean of Utrecht Graduate School of
Visual Art and Design, The Netherlands)
The 7th Shanghai Biennale´s partner is Bank Sarasin.
In cooperation with Goethe-Institut.

Link: http://HTTP.//www.shanghaibiennale.org.